Apr 18, 2010

Forfeiting to Win

Life is full of power struggles. Some are purposeful; others we may not even realize. If you're like me, you worry...a lot. A quick way to alleviate that worry? Take the reigns and hold a death-grip for dear life! lol Don't we all do that from time to time? But more often than not, it's that very "warrior" mentality that can ultimately cause us to fail. We do everything in our power to avoid painful situations or to hurry things along. As humans, it's an almost unavoidable, natural response to the things around us that may seem so out of control (and I stress "seem"). We can become so impatient with our circumstances...this isn't happening fast enough, or we don't want "this" to happen so we do "this" to make sure it doesn't happen...yada, yada, yada. I could go on and on...but I won't ;)

I learned the power of letting go...lifting up and surrendering my life to the only One who can make it right....only to take it back just a few weeks later...and, boy what a serious boo-boo that was! At first it seemed harmless, but oh, the heartache that followed. Lesson learned? If something is not right for you, no amount of love can make it right. Everyone has different capacities to love.

"Just because someone does not love you the way you want them to, does not mean they don't love you with all that they have".

I've never liked that saying. When you get right down to the point, that "all that they have" love is still not enough. To me, it sounds like a cop-out; a weak and useless way to justify what is undoubtedly behavior that is painful to another person. I could almost gaurantee that one person in that scenario is laxidasical and the other person, as a result, is undoubtedly left with a horrible void in their heart. In short, at the end of the day, that "love" is not where it is supposed to be.

Yes, I am aware that there are people out there who have ridiculous demands and diminish love down to nothing more than a series of intricate hoops to jump through... and I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about Love in its purest form; the real and true definition. When Love is real, there is no room left for question. It is as evident as night and day; tangible. You need not search for the actions beyond the words...not because the actions are unnecessary...rather because they will stare you in the face. You will trip over them. Accept no immitations...true Love walks the line!

Love is not a toy; it is not a game. "Love" is not a word to be taken lightly or to be said in passing. Love is not a power struggle; not something with which to beat another person into submission. Love is not meant to be used as a trinket to dangle over another person's hopeful head. Love is not neglectful, conniving, or fruitless. And most definitely, love is not manipulation. Love is a precious gift; and when used correctly, it has the power to transform a person's life. Love can build a person up or send them crashing to the ground. No doubt, love is powerful and it is a critical responsibility to use it wisely.

When "love" falls short, it's not mature or it's not right altogether. This is not God's best for us. We need to trust Him...obviously he knows what He's doing! lol

God reaches His hands out to us; not so that we can take back what we have already given to Him, but rather that we may take His outstretched hands and let Him gently lead us away from what is harmful to us and towards where we are meant to be. It's so easy to forget that His plans are perfect and anything that I may try to create or accomplish, in my own power, pales greatly in comparison. It is only when we truly and honestly relinquish that power, that we become more powerful than we ever could have imagined.

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